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Continuous loan by Helmut Jungkunz

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Altos 580, former Z-Node 51
Altos 580 built approx. in 1983
CPU 2 x Z80A
Clock rate 4(?) Mhz
RAM 64 up to 192 K
text resolution 80 x 25 characters
Graphics resolution depending on terminal
Mass storage 5,25" Floppy 704 K, hard disk 40 M
Keyboard depending on terminal
I/O Ports 3 x RS232-C
Operating System CP/M 2.2, MP/M-80, OASIS
special features originally designed as a multi-user system with up to 3 terminals
date of acquisition continuous loan since spring 2001
origin Helmut Jungkunz
original usage/owner Used as "Z-Node 51" (CP/M 2.2 BBS with Z-System menu and security)
condition very good